The most important Turkish industries

Turkey has recently witnessed an important role in the industrial sector. Turkey ranked 28 among the exporting countries to the rest of the world, with its exports amounting to approximately 153 billion dollars.

This is due to the labor force in Turkey, the quality of its raw materials, and the availability of advanced industrial infrastructure.

The most important Turkish industries

Turkish industries are characterized by diversity and difference, and the manufacture of textiles, food products, cars, building materials, wood and carpets is considered the most important of its industries.

Where Turkey was famous for its Turkish fabric and the quality of manufactured clothes at prices that compete with the largest manufacturing countries in the world, and its factories were distributed in various Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Gaziantep and Bursa, so importing clothes from Turkey became easy through most of the ports and airports in Turkey.

Due to the beauty of Turkish carpets made of the finest types of silk and natural cotton, it ranked second in the world after Iranian carpets in terms of quality and softness, as the production of Turkish carpets reached 40% of the world’s carpet production.

Turkey is also famous for its high quality glass and ceramic industries.

The manufacture and export of building materials played an important role in the Turkish economy, such as tiles, ceramics, bathrooms and their accessories, marble and natural stone for floors, in addition to door and window accessories.

Food products in Turkey also occupied the list of Turkish exports, as Turkey was famous for exporting olive oil, honey, spices, coffee, dried fruits, Turkish baklava and canned goods of all kinds, and Turkey is now a major source of imports for many countries with regard to fresh vegetables and fruits. .

Turkey also occupies the fifth place in the world in the automotive industry, as there are many factories specialized in the production of cars in the Marmara Industrial Zone in Turkey.

Turkish industries do not stop there, but also include the manufacture of industrial production lines, machinery and trains, as well as weapons and technical industries.

Import from Turkey

Turkey has recently focused on opening the doors to export its products, which has contributed to economic growth and industrial development, and exports have increased significantly due to the high quality of these products and competitive prices.

Turkey provides many facilities in the import process, while working all the time to use modern technologies developed in order to provide better services to importers.

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