Türkiye’den BAE’ye çanta ve fazla ağırlık nakliyesi

Transport of bags and excess weight from Turkey to the UAE

The process of transporting bags, luggage and extra kilos from Turkey is one of the important operations that needs the right procedures for tourists and visitors to Istanbul and Turkey, especially when there are various purposes or the customer needs it urgently, and therefore the task must be done. It has been assigned to specialized shipping companies in Turkey in order to ensure the speed of transactions and the full security of the goods.

Anwar Al-Haramain Shipping Company is one of the leading shipping companies in Istanbul in bag and overweight transportation operations to Turkey, especially to Gulf countries, Arab countries and many countries of the world.

We will review with you what is the service of shipping bags and extra pounds from Turkey to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE and the extent of Anwar Al-Haramain Shipping Company’s active role in serving its customers in this field and providing an outstanding service. service that meets your expectations.

The importance of shipping bags and excess weight service from Istanbul

The importance of the service of shipping bags and excess weight from Turkey is due to many factors that vary according to the customer’s activity, whether it is commercial, tourism or otherwise, but there are still many important constant factors, no matter how different the customer’s activity is, and the most important of these factors are:

  • The material cost of shipping, and the cost factor is the most prominent and important factor, as the cost of shipping bags and luggage through airports is significantly high, which strains the budget of tourists and customers, and it is noted that there is a large difference between the cost of shipping bags and luggage through international airports and the cost of shipping them through shipping companies in Istanbul.
  • Procedures that may take a long time, especially in the event of customers’ lack of time or insufficient experience in completing those procedures related to ensuring the safety and complete and proper arrival of belongings.

Shipping bags and excess weight from Turkey to the UAE

Since Turkey and the United Arab Emirates are both leading countries in the tourism and trade sector, and both of them are considered a distinct tourist and commercial destination for the citizens of both countries and for tourists and merchants who visit those two countries to finish their commercial tasks or tourist trips, Anwar Al-Haramain Shipping Company provides a service for shipping bags and excess weight from Turkey to the Emirates.

Anwar Al-Haramain Cargo also provides many services to its customers in this regard, the most prominent of which are:

  • Facilitate the movement of tourism and transportation for its customers and ensure that their personal items, purchases, bags and belongings arrive safely from Istanbul and Turkey to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the cities of the Emirates, as excess weight and purchases are received from customers inside Turkey and collected for them, and then those items and belongings are shipped to the customer’s door in UAE.
  • Anwar Al-Haramain Cargo Company ensures the complete and proper arrival of belongings by applying safety procedures and packaging items and shipments appropriately according to the type of those shipments.
  • Anwar Al Haramain Cargo allows its customers to track and follow the movement of their shipments and the itinerary of bags and excess weight during the shipping process, starting from receiving the excess weight and belongings from customers until it reaches them in the UAE.
  • Anwar Al-Haramain Shipping provides many shipping methods according to customer needs and the quantity of the shipment to be transported through air freight from Turkey or sea freight from Turkey.
  • Anwar Al-Haramain Shipping is one of the leading shipping companies in Turkey in the fields of shipping, transportation and customs clearance through the trained team on everything related to shipping and the completion of customs procedures correctly and quickly to suit the needs of customers.

Anwar Al-Haramain Cargo services do not only depend on shipping bags and excess weight from Turkey, but also provide many logistic services in shipping commercial goods and furniture via sea and air freight from Turkey to many countries of the world in Asia, Europe and Africa.

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