Quality control

One of the important things when importing goods from abroad is to ensure that all data is correct before shipment and not to rely entirely on the data of the exporting company, by visiting the warehouse of ready-made products to conduct the inspection before shipment. Through this service, samples are randomly selected according to the principle of sampling examination and examined according to industry standards to ensure that the product conforms to the agreed specifications such as functions, performance, durability, overall shape, dimensions, weight, quantity…etc. Ensuring the integrity of the packaging, the correctness of the data recorded on the product packaging, the safety of storage, counting the ready-made quantities, and submitting a report thereof.

What is the role of experts in pre-shipment inspection?

The inspection experts at Anwar Al-Harameen Company will use the appropriate methods to select the samples that will be subject to examination, and ensure their quality according to your specifications or the specifications of the purchase market. These comprehensive checks cover parameters such as functionality, performance, durability, overall appearance, and dimensions.

Why do you need checking against shipping?

Using an independent third party to perform pre-shipment checks gives you the reassurance that your order has been successfully filled prior to shipment. Today’s globalized market presents golden opportunities, but is also full of risks. When dealing with a foreign supplier, it is very important to ensure that the agreed specifications are implemented. Therefore, reduce the risk of non-application of specifications or wrong packaging by taking appropriate preventive measures.

  • Make sure the order has been filled successfully, before shipping
  • Ensure the quality at the source and avoid the losses of defects in the goods
  • Ensure that the supplier has complied with all agreed specifications
  • Avoid import losses
  • Avoid returning your products and preserve the reputation of your brand

Advantages of dealing with DHT

  • All inclusive prices for examinations
  • We guarantee the presence of the inspector on site within 48 hours
  • Issuance of inspection reports on the same day
  • Easily schedule service appointments online