Information about importing from Turkey

Information about importing from Turkey

There are many Turkish products and industries, which occupied an important position in various Arab and European markets, due to what the Turkish market provides of goods of high quality and competitive prices, and opened the door to export goods and products of various types and quantities, and Turkey witnessed the year 2018 An increase in the percentage of its exports by 22.4% compared to 2017.

And Turkey was able to occupy the seventh place in the imports of the European Union.

The most important goods imported from Turkey

  • Food of all kinds, honey, nuts and dried fruits are the most important food exports from Turkey
  • Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing.
  • Shoes and bags.
  • iron and plastic
  • Production lines such as (bread production line – textile production line)
  • Home furniture and Turkish furnishings.
  • Turkish carpet.
  • Chemical industries, including cleaning materials

Steps to import from Turkey

There are several steps to do the import process from Turkey, and Anwar Al-Haramain Company will help you with these steps:

  • Determine the product or type of goods to be imported from Turkey.
  • Determine the quantity to be imported.
  • Communicate with the manufacturers of the product to be imported and provide them with the required number and quantity to obtain the best price.
  • Communicate with the shipping company in Turkey and provide them with the type of product and quantity to find out the best way for shipping (sea – air – land) and determine the invoices and papers required for export from Turkey.
  • Authorizing the shipping company in Turkey to follow up and receive from the factory or supplier for imported materials or for purchases in general.

Anwar Al-Haramain provides all the information and advice related to export and customs clearance before starting to buy and import from Turkey, with advice on knowing the best shipping methods from Turkey or importing from it.

Documents required to export and import goods from Turkey:

  • Customs export declaration.
  • Shipping Policy.
  • packing regulations.
  • Health certificates for food products.
  • Certificate of Origin, where the country (Turkey) must be mentioned on the product to ensure its passage through customs.
  • Full billing.
  • Fumigation certificates for wood products.

Knowing the customs laws of the country to which the goods are sent:

Before carrying out the import process from Turkey, it is necessary to fully know the customs laws and standards in the importing country or the recipient of these goods, and to know the full costs of the customs clearance process in the country of arrival.

Anwar Al-Haramain team facilitates the process of shipping goods from Turkey, and carrying out customs clearance operations. Anwar Al-Haramain also provides commercial services to importers from Turkish factories and companies, to make the import process from Turkey easy and fast.

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