Our services

Air freight

Providing door-to-door shipping solutions or door-to-airport shipping services with the ability to choose the right price.

Sea freight

DHT also has the services of shipping goods by sea, no matter what size of sea shipment you have. We have the strength to develop competitive sea freight solutions for any type

land shipping

DHT provides reliable and cost-effective land transportation services, and its fleet is equipped with the best expertise and multi-purpose vehicles

Customs Clearance

DHT Cargo Services is one of the leading companies in customs clearance, providing customs clearance services…

Goods packaging

DHT Company for International Shipping and Logistics Solutions offers you a wide range of distinguished services in the countries of Turkey and Syria at economic prices

Goods storage

DHT Company offers the best shipment collection service in Turkey, which guarantees you a safe, easy and successful shopping and shipping process wherever you are

Quality control

One of the important things when importing goods from abroad is to ensure that all data is correct before shipment and not to rely entirely on the data of the exporting company

Money Transfer

Funds are transferred to DHT Company through Western Union in its offices around the world

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