Money Transfer

Money is transferred at DHT Company through Western Union in its offices around the world Western Union is a safe and fast money transfer system that provides you with sending and receiving money within minutes through more than 200 countries worldwide. You can carry out your transaction within minutes from our branches in Turkey to all transactions of sending money and receiving money to and from all over the world through the Western Union service. You can visit the Turkish branches closest to you in order to achieve money transfer transactions outside the country.​

Advantages of transferring money through Western Union

  • You can receive the money that has reached you and send the money to a very large number of countries in the world through the wide network of agencies located in stations, airports, foreign currency exchange offices, the post office, tourist agencies and banks.
  • Your money will reach the recipient within minutes.
  • In order to make an international money transfer you will not need any bank account.
  • The advanced security system must be present through the Money Transfer Check Number (MTCN) generated automatically by the system.
  • You can send and receive money in US dollars and euros, whether inside or outside the country.
  • Payment may be made in different foreign currencies (domestic currency units) depending on the type of cash payment at the receiving agency.
  • Sending and receiving via Western Union is based on the US dollar and the Euro. The maximum amount of transmission is 7,500 US dollars and the equivalent in Euros