Sea freight

Sea freight is an important commercial means of shipping because of the possibility of sending cargo of various sizes and weights at reasonable and inexpensive costs. It is a major pillar in the shipping and logistics business that has developed over time, and the import and export mechanism has become practically and conveniently prepared for various shipments, companies, and professions in most countries and ports around the world.  The great industrial bloom and the escalating economic growth in Turkey made it one of the developed and logistically equipped countries with many ports and container terminals that link the East and the West and have an ideal structure for sea shipping. Here, the main role of DHT Shipping and Logistics Services appears as one of the main organizers and follow-ups to audit the sea freight process from the beginning of the purchase decision to receipt in the warehouse or the customer’s headquarters.

DHT Sea Shipping Services:

  • Total freight (full container load):
    This system is suitable for customers who wish to ship large quantities of goods, as all the customer’s goods are shipped in a full container designated for his shipments only, and this system is the best and fastest shipping system among other shipping systems.Partial Shipping (Small Combined Loads):
    This system includes shipping the customer’s goods in a part of the container or container, where the container includes shipments and other goods that are collected from several customers to reduce and distribute shipping costs and expenses, but sometimes some special expenses in this type of shipping in the country of arrival are relatively higher than Total freight.

The most prominent advantages offered by DHT Company in sea freight:

  • FCL Container Shipping
  • LCL container shipping
  • Refrigerated container shipping
  • Door-to-door shipping
  • Shipping from port to port
  • Customs clearance services
  • Obtaining the required certificates
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