Goods packaging

We provide quality packaging and fulfillment services at the most competitive cost. We are committed to doing this with the most accurate and rapid delivery possible, exceeding client expectations at all times. Nothing can protect your valuable pieces during transportation quite like a custom-made, bespoke lined, millimeter-perfect packing crate.

Packaging services for all types of goods:

DHT Company for International Shipping and Logistics Solutions offers you a wide range of distinguished services in the countries of Turkey and Syria at economic prices that suit all the needs of our valued customers and meet their desires in the smallest details, including the packaging services provided by our company for all types of goods with a plan managed by the work supervisor and dedicated workers in the field….

  • Sorting merchandise and classifying merchandise by type
    Goods packaging
    Loading and arranging goods into containers or trucks
    Unloading goods in warehouses, taking into account their type and method of compression

How is the process of packaging goods at DHT Company?

Heavy industrial machinery packaging service of all kinds

  • Separately packaging the contents of the machine
  • Take measurements of the machine to be shipped or stored with its lengths, dimensions and size to follow accurate plans before shipping it
  • Reinforcement of important parts of the machine
  • Preserve the industrial machine from any worker who may expose its parts to damage or breakage
  • Covering, supporting and strapping the load in a suitable manner

Furniture packing and shipping service from DHT  Company

  • Dismantling, installing and assembling furniture under the supervision of specialized workers
  • Sorting the furniture to carry out the process of packing and loading safely
  • Packing and strengthening the furniture to put it in its appropriate places for transportation, and in the event that it is stored, it is taken into account that it is not exposed to dust or moisture factors, your shipment is safe throughout the transportation and storage period

Vegetable and fruit packaging service with refrigerated containers

  • Specialized cadres for the process of inspecting products and ensuring their safety
  • Providing an appropriate preservation and storage environment that complies with global health standards

Packaging services for broken goods

  • Sort the pieces and protect each one individually
  • Initializing the boxes
  • Packing parts in box
  • Close the boxes tightly

DHT packaging method for goods exposed to breakage:

Our company uses shock-absorbing materials and insulating materials from cardboard, foam board, sponge, plastic bubbles, foam .. so that:

  • Sorting and categorizing pieces according to their size, shape and susceptibility to breakage
  • Each piece is individually wrapped and reinforced before assembling in the box
  • Choosing the appropriate box sizes and taking into account the non-vibration of the shipment so that it does not collide with each other, with the placement of foam or rubber insulators on each piece
  • Fill in the blanks in the box with pieces of cork
  • Putting the necessary signs and symbols to know the content of each box and placing arrows on the boxes so that the shipping worker infers how to carry the boxes and not turn them upside down
  • Reinforcement of the edges of the lower and vertical boxes
  • Use the necessary tapes to close the boxes tightly and take into account that the goods are not stacked on top of each other

You can read more details of shipping goods, packaging and services for each shipment in our company’s blog, or you can ask your inquiries on the following numbers or via e-mail

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